Florida, United States

A community outreach to empower women AND MEN!

About Us

The Best and brightest


We are the daring, unabashed women of Sarasota/Manatee; we are unafraid and accomplished but graceful in spirit

Deplorable darlings


Educated and powerful, mindful and spiritual



From 20 to 80 & from all corners of the USA!

About The Group


Whether the issue is border security, abortion, taxes, gunfights, religious liberty, transgender conditioning or free speech...liberal activists make the most noise, organize raucous demonstrations and weaponize the press, because they want to give the impression they are the empowered majority fighting injustice when in reality they are the radical mob - the greatest idealogical threat against this country, recuriting/bribing millions of foreign nationals to bolster their subversive range as a contrived means of public consent.   Many of the anti-American lefts most country-intuitive beliefs would not survive honest scrutiny, let along fair elections, otherwise.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tied to be much more subdued or even pedestrian in their political approach.  While I wholesaled-heartedly endorse the necessity of civility and mutual respect, constructive discourse requ9ires an equitable platform to engage the masses without having to overcome education indoctrination nation, media censorship and celebrity narcissism.  All concerned, right-minded Americans who are fed-up with the violent threats, endless propaganda, destructive double standards and cultural decay of modern progressivism need to become. better organized more outspoken and equally adamant in their convictions.  America, our most indispensable values, will not survive if we do not embody the unwavering fight to avoid repeating the dame pitfalls that toppled some of the most transcendent, enlightened civilizations in human history.  And that's exactly what globalists are counting on.  

We are determined to support this President.  The left is trying to create fear.  They are trying to make us afraid to show our support.   Today, it is a hat.  What will we not be allowed to wear or say tomorrow?

We do not like to be bullied. We have a constitution (for now) that guarantees free speech!